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DWI Charges Dropped Against Travis County Judge DWI Charges Dropped Against Travis County Judge

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Charges against Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe are dropped by special prosecutor.

The drunken driving case against Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe should be dismissed because diabetes could have caused his coordination problems, prosecutors said.

Friday, September 30, 2005, special prosecutor Allan Williams announced charges from the August 2004 incident are dismissed.

The 58-year-old county judge was arrested and charged in August 2004 after an officer observed his vehicle drifting within a lane and failing to signal a lane change. According to the arrest affidavit, the officer noticed Biscoe's bloodshot eyes and a faint odor of alcohol, and the judge had difficulty balancing and following directions.

Biscoe refused to take a blood alcohol test but told the officer that he was on medication for diabetes and high cholesterol, the affidavit said.

"Because of the opinion of all of the medical experts, I have serious doubts as to whether Mr. Biscoe was intoxicated," Williams said.

All along, Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe has stated he was not intoxicated when arrested on August 11, 2004.

Friday, he was vindicated.

"It's been one year of major distraction, agony at times," Biscoe said.

Judge Biscoe says now he's ready to put this all behind him and continue doing the county's business.

The judge had left the Airport Bar & Grill when he was stopped last year. He admits drinking that night and failed field sobriety testing.

His doctor says Biscoe suffers from Type Two Diabetes and a condition called peripheral neuropathy which causes poor balance in his legs.

Experts hired to investigate agreed.

"I have tried to better govern drinking, even at home since," Biscoe said.

The judge says he drinks even less now.

The judge, who has maintained his innocence, said he was satisfied the charge would be dismissed.

"The system worked as it's supposed to," Biscoe said. "I'm pleased with the result."

The police officer who arrested Judge Biscoe issued a statement saying he agrees with the dismissal.

For more information about this story and to view video of the charges being dropped, you can visit KXAN's website.

For additional information about Travis County Judge's DWI case being dismissed, visit the Austin American Statesman's webiste.

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