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NOT GUILTY: Texas dad accused of murdering drunk driver who killed his sons is acquitted by jury  2014-08-27
A grieving dad has escaped a possible life sentence after a Texas jury acquitted him of charges that he shot the drunk driver who killed his young sons. David Barajas, 32, broke down in tears as the ‘not guilty’ verdict was read in an Angleton court ...
'I am the most drunk Democrat in Texas': Gov. Rick Perry says tweet that disparaged district attorney convicted for drunk driving was 'unauthorized'  2014-08-31
A tweet from Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry's verified account on Sunday night included a disparaging image of the Democratic district attorney who is at the center of his criminal indictment on charges of abuse of power. The tweet was later deleted ...
Rick Perry Twitter account touts D.A. as 'most drunk Democrat in Texas'  2014-08-31
I am the most drunk Democrat in Texas." The tweet from Perry's account was retweeted ... when Lehmberg was arrested for driving under the influence. Perry demanded that she resign, saying that if she refused, he would veto $7.5 million in funding for ...
Texas dad acquitted in slaying of drunk driver who killed his sons  2014-08-27
Angleton, Texas — A jury on Wednesday acquitted a southeast Texas man of murder in the fatal shooting of a drunken driver who had just caused an accident that killed the man's two sons. David Barajas cried after the verdict was read and he hugged his ...
Texas man acquitted of shooting driver who hit, killed sons  2014-08-27
Texas man found not guilty in suspected revenge killing of drunk driver that killed his two sons A Texas jury on Wednesday found a father not guilty of shooting dead a suspected drunk driver who hit and killed his two sons while they pushed a truck down a ...
TxDOT's 'Not So Fun House' teaches about drunk driving  2014-08-31
In Texas there is a traffic crash every 20 minutes involving ... Read or Share this story:
Texas Father Acquitted of Murdering Drunk Driver Who Killed His Two Sons  2014-08-27
The father of two boys killed in a drunk-driving car accident was acquitted of killing the man behind the wheel in Texas court Wednesday. 32-year-old David Barajas was found not guilty by a jury in Angleton court. The prosecution tried to prove that ...
Texas man acquitted of shooting drunk driver who killed his sons  2014-08-27
HOUSTON, Texas -- A Texas father was found not guilty Wednesday in the shooting death of a man who ran over his two young sons in a drunk-driving accident. David Barajas was charged with the shooting death of 20-year-old Jose Banda Jr. in December of 2012.
Texas Dad Acquitted in Shooting of Drunk Driver Who Killed His Sons  2014-08-27
A Texas father who was accused of fatally shooting the drunk driver who killed his two sons has been acquitted by a jury on Wednesday, Fox News Insider reported. In 2012, David Barajas, 32, was pushing his broken-down car along the road 30 miles southeast ...
Texas father accused of gunning down drunk driver who killed his two sons acquitted of murder  2014-08-28
A Texas father accused of gunning down the drunk driver who killed his two sons shortly after the accident has been acquitted of murder. The jury took just three hours to announce its verdict in the trial of David Barajas. Barajas and his two young sons ...
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